F45 Challenge Goal Setting & Accountability Program

F45 Challenge Goal Setting & Accountability Program

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Goal setting is like steroids for results. A frickin fast track method with more sustainable results.

To be clear, we're not encouraging steroids, but while you're transforming your body, why not take this opportunity to transform (*OR RESET*) all areas of your life with a drug free tonic called goal setting. My Goal Squad are running this F45 exclusive 9 week goal setting program that goes over the F45 8 week challenge for you to maximise the positive results you can create in your life.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.”- Earl Nightingale

People that want:

  • More out of life in ALL AREAS (relationships, career, finance, health & personal)
  • To find focus & clarity in life 
  • Clear confidence in knowing where they are going, how and why!
  • Optimised results, achieved with personalised coaching, support and accountability
  • An online tracking platform to view your goals and measure progress
  • People who are short on time because this is an efficient way to set your goals

It's open to F45 members that are or aren't doing the challenge & those that sign up just for the challenge.


When: Starts Mon 22nd July - Mon 16th September


  • An expert goal coach who is also an athlete (so she get’s it!)
  • 1 hour Webinar on finding your values, creating your vision and setting your awesome goals up for the next year.
  • 9 weeks of a personal accountability check in phone calls (10 mins p/w).
  • An online tracking platform to hold all your goals and actions.
  • A weekly email of motivation and support.

A special onetime discounted price for F45 of just $154 pp to start living a more fulfilled life (Normally $420).

Limited to 30 people so get in quickly.

Bookings closer Sat 21st July.

We will empower you to create a life you choose, love and sit in the drivers seat of!

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Any questions email ange@mygoalsquad.com or

call Ange on 0411 445 606.