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- Approximately 1-2 hours

As a group, become empowered by your goal coach to set your goals and achieve them:

  • Within this group session each member of the group will;
    • Learn what goal setting is, isn’t and how the heck you do it
    • Get started on their own individual goals, so they can walk away with direction and understanding ready to complete those ‘kick-butt’ goals they have identified.
    • Take a snapshot of their life as of right now to establish any barriers that may prevent them from progressing further (confidential – not shared with the group)
    • Identify their individual core values
    • Learn some handy tricks to maintain the momentum to reach the goals.
    • Use all of the above to identify and zero in on where they need to focus their energy to achieve.

What you take away: goal map with progress

Each members top values

Each members snapshot assessment

Where each member wants to put their energy to improve your life.

Some resources to call on.


Who is this best for?

The Group Goal setting workshop is ideal for a manager or team member who wants to enhance the lives of those around them by offering empowerment and clarity. In this workshop the group will learn how to not only identify, set and achieve goals but most importantly of all the rewards that flow from this process and the power of action and positive habits.