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TIME: 2-5 pm



Grab a glass of vino, and let's show you how to take your dreams into a reality with practical, powerful tips and tools using effective goal setting frameworks and actionable daily steps. We then create your visually motivating vision board to take home and put up. A picture can tell a 1000 words. 

How often have you set a goal, written an action plan, mentally committed and at the first major hurdle crumbled and failed?

What are you most excited to achieve over the next 12 months?

This session is perfect for those who are ready to take action and hit their goals in this new year. Perhaps you're unsure of how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Come and join this workshop to help you set a clear way forward, with lots of small actionable steps to build up your momentum and achieve small wins, often.

You’re invited to come and get the MOST out of this and your year ahead.

Why? Goal setting can be a game changer in your life: it’s something people don’t get taught in school, at Uni or work, yet it can deliver results beyond what you imagine you can achieve.

I want to share my passion for goalsetting and experience in teaching others about it with you, so it can have the same positive impact on your life, as it has mine and others I've worked with.

What's so good about goal setting? It's a tool that empowers you and can be used to effectively make decisions throughout life in all areas. It's a skill that has GAMECHANGING power when applied.

Goalsetting can give you: Clarity, focus, a greater understanding of who you are, and what you want and how you’re going to get it, an action plan to chase what you call dreams, and I call goals.

What you will get out of this interactive workshop:

  • Learn about goalsetting and how it can be a gamechanger for you
  • Briefly review your 2019
  • 3 key success mindsets
  • Create your vision for the next 12 months
  • Start to identify and set your ‘hell yeah’ 12 month goals so you are excited about the year ahead and what you are about to achieve.
  • Create a vision board that will visually motivate you to take actions towards your exciting goals and dream vision.
  • Learn mindset and daily tools to keep kicking your goals throughout the year.  

Don't have any goals? That's not a problem. We show you where they are hiding.

Heck yes!!! Who's in??

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Minimum: 6 people

Maximum: 12 people

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