We are currently in Italy on an Epic trip, there has been many learnings and things that have come up that I never expected. I'd love to share them and perhaps you will resonate with one, many, or all of them.

When I chose to add on 2 and a bit weeks to the start of a tour I had planned from Spain through Portugal and Morocco I did it because I needed creative space. I hadn't burnt out AND I didn't want a 'holiday' as such from my greatest passion, helping other people achieve greater success, find their flow, make positive changes in their life all through the effective tool of goal setting the way we do it, and our accountability programs (keeping you on track to achieve the big goals you set!).
I wanted mental and physical space away from routine, the common sounds, other things you do 'normally' and conversations in English (yep, you read right! Let me explain it. You know when you are working and there's a conversation right near you and you can't help but hear it, and it's distracting? I actually start typing what I am hearing instead of what I am thinking and wanting to type. Well, when you are in a country with a foreign language it's a bonus, I don't know Italian aside from being able to order Gelato with 2 flavours and a coffee. So I don't get distracted).

1) Creative space is found best when you are in a relaxed place you don't know, you don't see washing, your own pantry (especially when you know it contains 3 flavours of chocolate you bought this week) and you have nothing 'to do' as such. You create any routine in this foreign place. You set the time. You set the vibe in addition to what exists and you are free and easy to be focused and creative without FOMO from things happening back home. How has this played out for me: I've come up with all these ideas that I want to do, solutions for challenges I have had are coming through, positive perspective on some aspects that i was perhaps doubtful about, now look brighter. While I can't execute all the ideas I've come up with just now, I can plan the actions for them for the next few months.

2) New routines are easiest to start when you are in a new place. Everyday I have been starting my day with meditating from this FREE game changing app Insight Timer. I do a 10-15 min meditation to set my day up. Then I write in my journal things including: gratitudes, goals and random thoughts or concerns I might have to get them out of my head. Then I exercise. Here when you run it has been a little like kamikaze exercise with the road being the only place you can run, so with crazy Italian drivers you have to go really early. So I have wanted to sleep in a little and then have done min. 5km run everyday.

3) Creativity holidays are on trend. You can travel with the plan to work on your business with freedom, focus, space and creativity. In a coaching session with a client, who I told about my trip, that I was going to Italy to work on my business, he said 'how?' don't you want to have a holiday and chill out? My answer was, that is the best life. Working in and on my passion in one of the most beautiful place in the world. It's then not about the sites and getting tired from dragging yourself around as a tourist but finding a flow and living almost a 'local' italian life working and living somewhere fabulous. This is the space for me to develop the next level for my business. Time out to take the next step up. So I highly recommend it if you are a business owner, taking yourself away to have that space, time, freedom and focus.

There are some tips and tricks we have learnt to making it work best for you, we may have to create a new blog for that. 

What countries to pick so you can still look after your clients as best as you can, what tech things you need to know to achieve what you need to for life and business while away. 

If you have any of these also, send them through to us ange@mygoalsquad.com and we can add them in as goal squadders suggestions. 

xx Ange in Italia 


p.s I may be setting a goal of how I can live and work from there EVERY year! Who wants to join me? I'm starting to think of organising a yoga, personal development, goal kicking & positive mindset retreat...at the place you see in the photo! Keen? Let me know. 

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