If you know Cupcake Central, you will be doubly impressed hearing from the mastermind behind the whole business. 

We want to share this impressive and inspiring interview with Sheryl. A woman with not only a sweet tooth that knows how to rock a kitchen and produce things that look like too artistic and gorgeous to eat, but she knows how to run a successful business. 

One impressive woman you don't want to miss.

Goal Squadders, Introducing to you: 


Entrepreneur |Founder of @cupcakecentral |CEO of @theleaguewomen | EOer | Life go getter and lover of cupcakes & fun things!

Sheryl Thai Cupcake Central Founder


 1. What are the top 3 tools that have been gamechangers for you: apps, books, courses, people or services.

  1. The E Myth book
  2. Joining Entrepreneurs Organisation
  3. Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


    2. What is a key goal you have achieved recently and why was it so important to you?

              Ran our first free Self Defence workshop for women in Melbourne. My                  email/article here explains why it’s close to my heart:                    LINK:


    3. What are three pieces of advice to others in starting their own business.

    a) Start hanging out with others that have their own business or organise coffee catch ups with entrepreneurs.

    b) Start before you’re ready (you’re never going to be “100% ready”)

    c) Start speaking to close friends that encourage you about your business idea to keep up the enthusiasm and momentum.

    2. What is a business goal you have right now that you want to share with us? And why do you want that?

    Implementing Rockefeller Habits to systemising the business to operate      more efficiently and effectively. Pretty boring but necessary.


    3. How do you keep your goals and review them in an organised way?

    I have a shared Google sheet with my goals with my accountability forum             within Entrepreneurs Organisation. We have a goals check-in call every               fortnight on Monday mornings


    4. Who keeps you accountable?

    My team.


    5.  How often do you review your goals and what impact does it have?

    Every 3 months. “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real!”


    6.   What podcast are you loving right now? Why?

    Tim Ferriss Podcast – he interviews the most incredible entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.


     7. What’s your advice to others who haven’t started setting goals yet?

    We all set goals unconsciously, putting it down on paper or solidifying it makes it easier to be clearer about the direction you’re heading.

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    Instagram Handle: @hatchthatdream

    Business Handle: @cupcakecentral

    Other super awesome side kick handle: @theleaguewomen

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