There are so many people around us achieving HUGE BHAG'S. If you haven't heard that term before it stands for 


We want to celebrate the determination, the goal setting, commitment and follow through of every action it takes to achieve these big goals by these inspiring people in our community. We have picked a few to share their #wins #challenges #hottips! and what got them through when the chips were down. 

If there's someone you know that has an inspiring story about achieving goals we would love to hear from you. 


Today's inspiration is: 


Founder / Sassy Approachable Chic/ Wanderluster | Lover of clean, spunky wardrobes of clothes that excite the hell out of you when you open the doors.  

Entrepreneur | Founder of @stylewithsoul  

 Simone Thorpe - Stylist

  1. What are the top 4 tools that have been gamechangers for you: apps, books, courses, people or services.
  • Australian Style Institute (who I completed my Advanced Styling course with and the coolest part… you are always part of their community and feel supported by them!)  


  • The Course:by Carla Ireton; It’s a gentle energy healing practice that helps shift energy and negative feelings and emotions. Removing limiting self beliefs. Once you acknowledge the emotion, you realise how much time and energy you spend on the negative, yet there are so many awesome things over on the side. Imagine if you put more time into your positives….the vibration you put out to the world investing in the positives. This creates beautiful and leveraged energy and growth.   


  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s - Big Magic book; talks about creativity with no expectation.You are creating for yourself with permission to be yourself.  When fear of failure and fear of what other people will think, holds us back, removing these barriers gives a greater freedom and style to the creative mind you have.  


  • Melbourne Tourism Leadership Course, facilitated by Mel Neil: this professional development program was amazing!  From exploring our personal values, to understanding how to work with conflict, manage stress and also how to inspire, encourage and find the best in others it was just an incredible self-journey and I think really gave me the skills and confidence I needed to start my own business. 




  1. What made you start Style With Soul?  How long have you been going? 

Even though I’d always loved fashion, I didn’t know what to do with it on my body as my body changed over the years.  So, 10 years ago I had my own personal styling experience... It was transformational.  It was about so much more than just the clothes.  I felt my outside aligned with who I wanted to be from the inside.  My self-image changed, my confidence changed and Life changed.  I always had in the back of my mind that I’d love to give this gift to others. 


Then, 5 years ago (2013) while working in marketing/events I was offered a redundancy and I thought, what better an opportunity than to invest in studying in my two greatest passions which are: styling (fashion) and tourism and I had no expectations or goals. I just wanted to see where they would go. 


Personal styling felt like such a natural fit, and as I styled my first few clients and witnessed their own transformations I knew I just had to continue doing it.  I also realised my limiting self-beliefs that I had about my own self image actually gave me empathy for those that I work with who are in a similar situation or feel like they can’t style for themselves.  


So, 2015 saw the beginning of Style with Soul.  



  1. What is a key goal you have achieved recently and why was it so important to you?

The goal: Developing my website after having a landing page for 12 months and getting my face on there (oh gosh do I have to) but I didn’t have the funds to do it. So where you have a need, you find a way… so I engaged someone to teach me how to do it myself.  

The huge upside of this, was the pride I had seeing the final product, which I had made myself and could then add website development to my skillset.  



  1. 3 pieces of advice to others in starting their own business.
#1   You HAVE to be passionate about whatever you are doing because you will spend sooo much time doing it. So many compromises later, thinking about it even if you aren’t doing it, and your hard earned money going into it.  From every waking hour I think about how to change a silhouette to combining a new colour palette.  


#2   Surround yourself with people that will support and encourage you. I have been lucky to have close supporters but I have also found them through networking events for example: Start West (website: START WEST )for those in Melbourne.  It doesn’t matter what industry people are in, it’s great to meet people in different industries as you find ways to collaborate. #winwin 

 #3   When it get’s overwhelming or too hard: Step away. Hit nature. Meditate. Do whatever YOU need to do to break away and the inspiration will come flooding back to you.  

 Simone Thorpe - Stylist


  1. What is a business goal you have right now that you want to share with us? And why do you want that? 

My biggest dream since starting the business was to run retreats for women as I believe our style is intertwined with so many other aspects of our lifestyle and who we are. 2019 is the year I want to see it happen. I’m setting myself a goal to offer a one day retreat in the first half of the year and a weekend retreat in the second half of the year. I’m looking forward to collaborating with other small businesses to make it a magical experience for the women who attend.


  1. How do you keep your goals and review them in an organised way?

I write loads of notes (and I am excited as I just discovered One Note! Amazing for organising those random thoughts under headings and writing to do lists!).  I’m quite a visual person, so I am huge on Vision Boards and do them each year in January to kick off the year. 

 and side note... she has just booked into our Ready, Set Goals Workshop in Melbourne in Jan to up her game on writing all her goals down! and keeping them in one wonderfully organised place. :) We can't wait to have her!

  1. Who keeps you accountable? 

My supporters: friends, family and anyone who believes in me. 


  1. What was your mantra, that got you through the hard times in starting your own business?  

At Australian Style Institute – Lauren Di Bartolo always says “Say YES then figure out how”.  


  1. What questions would you ask an entrepreneur that inspires you? 

When do you know a collaboration isn’t the right fit? 


  1. What ‘anything’ are you loving right now? Why? 

Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey 21 day meditation course that happens 4 x year.  

I do every one… I love that they take you to another place with their introduction and help you to connect within. Then you have 20 mins to be in that space.  


It always has a positive impact in the way of: every time it finishes I always need a notebook and pen because the ideas and inspiration just flow in. 

So now I have another tool in my belt for when I’m overwhelmed:  

  • Hit nature
  • Meditate 
  • Find water… beach, ocean, waves… smell the salty air, see the ripples. 

Peace is restored. Inspiration is flooding in. I am happy and ready to hit work & life again. 


 11. What’s your advice to others who want to start their own business but are stuck in a corporate job. 

Discover what your passion is. Then, study it part time and see where it leads to & most importantly don’t have expectations so you can allow yourself to discover where and what that passion leads to.


  12. What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe?  

    I have a Kimono I love, which will be my go-to over summer. It was an investment piece. 


       13. Simone, what’s your best advice you give as a stylist?

    “Buy the 1 dress you LOVE, not the 4 dresses you kind of LIKE”  

    “You are always going to feel great, you will love it, yeah sure it might cost a bit more but the return on investment will be better than the 4 cheap dresses.”   



    We absolutely loved meeting Simone Thorpe in a gorgeous café in Albert Park called Projuice! Check it out if you’re a fellow Melbournian.  

    She has a relaxed nature and her energy and how she works makes you feel so comfortable around her. So if you have been thinking of upping your style or need that little support: we can highly recommend her the SOUL SHINE package CLICK HERE  

    She offers workshops &  1 : 1 Styling Services  

    Get YOUR style sorted for 2019! When you look great and believe it, you feel great and radiate. 


    Simone Thorpe:  0412 380 794 (call or text) or



    Simone Thorpe - Style with Soul