What are your dreams? How can you turn them into goals?

  • Ever wished you could travel with your sister to San Francisco?
  • Dare to sit down with a map and pick a place, and find a way to make that one heck of an adventure with your SLR camera and a friend... choose your own adventure!
  • Go to the airport with a packed bag and just pick a flight there and then! IMAGINE?! you could land in the Bahamas or South Africa

 Creating a goal map and vision is the FIRST STEP...

 Your goals are created from that, and will become clear, exciting, give you the fire in the belly and the realisation that the big hairy goals you have set, are achievable when you break it all down. 

My Goal Squad help you with making the BIG KICK ARSE dreams and goals you have, become a reality. We want you to succeed as much as you want them. Sometimes  you need another person dedicated to your success to get you started or get clear on the HOW (the heck do I get there?)!