At My Goal Squad our mission is to empower you to be the master of your script in life; to live a hugely empowered and fulfilling life and reaching successes you only dreamt of, through the gamechanger of goalsetting. 

We are a group of passionate and experienced goal coaches, who are committed to supporting others find what makes them tick, identify goals and get you goal kicking. 

It's often hard to find the inspiration yourself so we are here to help you find that, then keep you goal kicking and accountable once you have it. 

We are approachable, encouraging and will be right behind you as we identify together:  your values, your strengths, your goals, and how to apply them to daily life. Small steps often lead to big progress.


We believe that educating others = Empowering = one of the greatest tools you can give someone else.

Our objective is to guide and empower you:
* in finding your focus,
* being clear on what you are doing in life and where you are going
* how you can get to what you really really really want
* what to do to get back on track when you fall off the rails. 

We look forward to supporting you through to great results.
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Ange Ritchie Goal Coach
She's a driven individual, living life on strong values of family, loyalty, commitment, integrity and passion.  You know that bubbly, happy, motivating and positive person that always has a smile for you no matter what? This is what others say about me.  

To live an empowered life, leading by example through being: clear, honest, effective, ambitious and successful. 

To inspire and elevate the world around me one person at a time, supporting through goal coaching, advice and interest. To help them achieve the results that change their life positively.

As long as I can remember I have always had goals; get my first bike, run the New York Marathon or own my own business. This is what I find gives purpose to each day and I live with the motto of 'Do one thing a day toward your goals’.

It is amazing how much you achieve and what becomes a reality when you are focused on your goals. If you can dream it, I believe you can achieve it, and I have and still am.

My greatest passion though is supporting others in achieving their dreams, and sharing the tools and skills to build these dreams into achievable goals and setting a clear path to follow.

I’ve been goal coaching for friends, family, employees and colleagues for over 10 years, and the results I have seen have been incredible. I’ve been a support to people totally turning their lives around from stagnant to finding joy in achieving through structured and intelligent goal setting.

I am approachable, supportive, and motivating. I am here to share my knowledge, experience, skills and endless energy to help you achieve those results and put the smile on your face as well.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch today and we will chat to ensure this is right for you, and book in our first goal coaching session!

I'm here to help find that recipe for you to LOVE your life!



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Ange Ritchie




Certified By The Life Coaching College

International Coaching Federation     Practicioner of Timeline Therapy  Practicioner of NLP Coach Master Level 1