1. The most underrated and under talked about training session.

Get yourself into using your fitbit to track your sleep cycles OR download the SLEEP CYCLE App which is free with in-app purchases on iOS, $0.99 on Android.

This app monitors your sounds and movements while asleep to detect when you have light sleep and when your deepest sleep is. It then wakes you up at your lightest sleep state to wake you feeling naturally refreshed.


  1. Get the right shoes for you.
Not just what’s comfy in the shop, you need to get in and go for a little run and even better – get someone that knows feet to check them out too. In Australia we have some great shops run by podiatrists, who watch you running on a treadmill and can analyse whether a shoe will be right or not for your foot.

    Active Feet (Melbourne) and The Running Company (Sydney Based) are a couple that come to mind where we have been and had great service. *note that we don't receive any kick backs or benefits from sharing these companies, it is purely on our experience and knowledge and admiration for what the brands have to offer that we share them.


    1. Pick you’re ‘A & B Races’

    You want to have a goal race in mind. Many will call this your ‘A Race’. Then you will have a ‘B Race’ that will be a hit out before you’re a race to see if your training in track and practice in a race scenario and get the nerves out. You can use your B Race to test any nutrition planning you have been working on, and be relaxed because it’s not your ‘A Race’ so if it doesn’t go to plan, it’s okay.


    1. Keep the Run Calendar Handy

    How do you know where to find all the races. We love this site RUNNING CALENDAR for those in Australia because it shows the smaller races that you don’t see in the media and don’t have big marketing around them but can be handly local events to get started with racing, or use as your B or even C Races even.


    1. Get a program

    And preferably a buddy to do it with you. Accountability will stop you from not doing it when you ‘are too tired’ or ‘can’t be bothered’ (but may come up with other excuses). Programs don’t have to be hard or expensive. They should be ACHIEVABLE or you won’t do them or you may injure yourself if they are too hard.

    Some free online programs for beginners training for 5k + 10k runs are HERE. Plus another benefit is, you can download Map My Run and use that for tracking your distance, speed and time which is also great for keeping accountability and tracking improvement.


    And if you are a Runner To Be or one that’s a regular and still chasing the ‘Runners High’

    Here’s a great article on what it is + how to get it:


    Happy running & getting fit & Happy Goal Kicking Goal Squadders!

    Xx Ange (an avid runner and lover of endorphins)

    P.S Summer bodies are made all year round. So get going and keep going!

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