We as humans are driven by emotions. Often if we wake up feeling average, it can be hard to shake unless we intentionally find ways that will change our physiology and our state.

(Let's face it, we can't all just go for a run or jump in the ocean on those days when there are kids to get sorted and also get yourself ready for work!) 

So.... here's a 2 min exercise that just takes a piece of paper, pen and your mind and will help you get clear, more productive and feel good. 

BONUS: Take 3-6 deeeeeep breaths into your lower stomach as you do it (often when we are stressed or not feeling relaxed, shallow breathe which doesn't help drive oxygen to our brain - which makes us feel energised and alert!) 

WRITE: How are you feeling now? 
Eg. Flat/Tired/Stressed 

WRITE: How do you want to feel? 
Eg. Energised/Relaxed/ More focused and on top of things. 

WRITE: What are 3 things I can do today that will elevate my feeling to how I want? 
Eg. Walk at lunchtime. 
Eg. Eat salad instead of the pasta I was going to take. 
Eg. Move the plans you had tonight and go to bed early for relaxation and to read your book. 

WRITE: What are my 3 priorities today that I will complete? 
When you stick to this and honour your commitment to yourself on a daily basis, your subconcious brain starts trusting that when you set out to do something, it will happen. This builds confidence also. 
So keeping it to 3 things, or even 1 BIG task is a perfect daily practice. 

WRITE: What can I drop/re-schedule in order to achieve my priorities and feeling good today?
Eg. The meeting on the long term project that can move to tomorrow when I feel better and will be more productive in it anyway. 
Eg. The coffee catchup with friend X. because some alone time to walk around the block or action some urgent things, will achieve feeling better and being productive. 
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