2017 the year you try something different

Set your goals ~Ÿ Plan them Ÿ ~ Achieve them Ÿ

So, I hear 2016 wasn’t so great for many and you might have been one of the many.

What didn’t work out for you? Why didn’t it work out for you?

Did you plan and the plan didn’t get you to your goal, or, did you just take the year as it came? Maybe started with a few parties and good times, but thought you needed more? Then it was already 3 months into the year, life is just too busy OR you don’t have direction? You want change, but it’s April, then you blinked and it was almost Christmas and it’s pretty much the end of the year and nothing has changed. Maybe this year is the year to do things differently? Properly, with direction and purpose?


Let’s try 2017 a different way and plan the kick ar** goals you want from this year. Put the plan into action, have a clear focus on what you need to do, action them today, tomorrow and then the next day.

That might sound challenging if you haven’t set goals or created a goal map before. So we have made it easier for you by getting you started in this article.

Why bother with goal setting?

Goals are the oxygen to our dreams. They give us purpose, fulfillment and pride when we achieve them, because we know what sacrifices, what extra miles we took and the focus we sustained to reach them.

Setting and achieving goals gives us confidence and pushes us to the next level. That can also give us positive energy when we are achieving things by seeing ourselves improve and the little things like compliments from others. Why wouldn’t you want this?

It’s your turn now, get in to ACTION!

What can you think of in your life that you want to achieve this year? Write down 6 goals for this year, 2017.

Now next to each of those 6 goals, imagine if you allocated 2 months to each thing, and every week in those 2 months you spent 2 hours on them.

Simply swap that ½ hour tv show for your goals each week for goal kickin’ results!

At the end of each of those goals write WHY?!  Why do you want to achieve those goals.

Do they excite you? Will they make you a better person? Will they improve your life? If not, scribble out the ones that don’t, and write a new one that does.

Think about driving a car. You sit in the driver’s seat, you know where you are going and you take the roads most efficient to get you there.

If you have a goal (destination), then you just need to work out the roads (small steps and journey) to get there. This is you, driving your life.  When driving, we have the modern luxury of google maps providing us a quick solution for the best way to get to the destination. In life, we have goal coaches that can be the google maps for your goals.

A goal coach is someone that helps you work out what specific goals you want, clarify WHY you want them and then help assess which route is the most suitable for you. They keep you accountable, they check in on your progress and help you through your challenges when you might have given up.

ACTION // So now it’s time to create those routes for the 6 goals you have written down.

ACTION // Set the small steps under each of those goals and your “by when” to make yourself accountable.

Now you have a starting point for goal setting. Go out and achieve them!


Are you ready to book a 1:1 coaching session or start the Ultimate Goal Starter Package with My Goal Squad? Get in touch today before you are swept up in parties and it’s Christmas again!

We would love your feedback and to hear about any goals you achieve, so please do drop us an email and share!

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