A new year is approaching. Copious amount of alcohol, turkey and fun, quality time spent with friends and family. Once the festive cheer is over, it can often be tricky for us to get back on track and focused at work.

However, if your employers have goals set to not only achieve but to surpass, it’s their motivation to feel fired up, motivated and ready to take on 2019. Not only benefitting themselves professionally and personally, but your company too.

Setting and achieving goals helps us to believe in ourselves, increase confidence, happiness, development and fosters your general well-being. Studies from Tim Kasser and colleagues have found that intrinsic goals ‘are those that are inherently satisfying to pursue because they are likely to satisfy innate psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness, competence, and growth’. 

Goal setting will enable your employees to look forward to getting back in the office, rather than dreading it.

Advantages to staff having goals:

• Independent employees. They know exactly what they’re doing and why.  It’s not motivating just to be told what to do, but when you see the importance, where it fits in and impact, that’s a great drive for employee action.

• Feelings of being more proactive only motivates employees to set even more goals.

• They become more focused on results which can have positive effects across their role at work and help their engagement.

• This can motivate those people who are clock watchers to become outcome focused instead. They may stay later or be more fulfilled at work knowing the outcome they are looking for and taking responsibility for the end result.

It helps them to feel like they’re part of a team and they’re part of a corporation that cares about them and their development.


My Goal Squad have learnt over years of coaching and delivering workshops. How your employers will benefit:

• Employees learn a skill for life that can be applied to all areas of life and not just for the year. This can be a skill that gives back to you, your company and the employee for many years to come.

• Your staff’s goals must connect to the greater goals of the company, which can increase engagement, because when staff see the impact they are having, it helps motivation.

• When people have goals in their personal life, this positively impacts all areas, including at work. It changes the way they think, and therefore drives a more focused and results-based thinking.

What My Goal Squad can do to help…

• My Goal Squad has over 10 years’ experience in goal coaching employees in corporate environments and has seen great results which increases engagement between managers and their teams.

• My Goal Squad understands it’s a huge piece missing in people’s development as goal setting isn’t taught at school or University, and are now elevating workplaces across Australia with this success tool that can be used for life.


My Goal Squad delivers workshops paired with 1 on 1 goal coaching to ensure the best results are achieved. They make this life tool: easy, fun and share strategies to enhance living in a more effective, focused way.


My Goal Squad has qualified, hand picked coaches who have the backing of working in corporate and small business and who walk the talk in goalsetting with national and world championship successes to their name.


Contact Ange at My Goal Squad to talk about goal setting for your workplace can help kickstart your 2019.

0411 445 606


Editor: Jessica Watts

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