REFLECTION FOR PROGRESSION - An exercise for the end of year


Is it one you want again? Or NEVER AGAIN?

There’s a huge divide in experiences this year.  Are you a thumbs upper? Or thumbs downer?

Those that thrived and have come out of it with a smile and appreciation for it, maybe they experienced: growth in their business, perhaps forced faster changes to delivering their business – online options vs only in person options (for all those fitness studios, home organisers, stylists etc), some had time out to spend more time with their family or partner while getting the job keeper.

Others that may have got to take a few deep breathes after a crazy fast paced life. A break that may never have otherwise come and may not come again or a while.

Then there’s others that lost jobs, struggled financially, and have or maybe still are, sitting in feeling of fear due to the unknown future that may hold a continuing slide downhill in life.

Whichever way your thumb is pointed, up or down, there are huge lessons for all of us.

So we can either: see this and read it thinking ‘oh that’s a great idea’ and keep flicking on to the next blog, like you slide through the roll of Instagram not actually always taking the good advice you see.



You can stop.

Do the self reflection activity below and

and use that as a strong starting point for setting strategic goals for 2021.

I invite you to do the ‘Reflection for Progression Activity’ if you want to ensure you make the most of applying your own discoveries and personal learnings to creating a better future for you.



  1. Write out what you really enjoyed this year that was an outcome of Covid. Min. 5 things.

Eg. more time at home. More cooking of new recipes which meant you ate healthier? More sleep?

  1. Write out the biggest lessons you got?

Eg. you need to have more money saved for emergency times? You need to spread our investments?

  1. What did you have to let go of?

Eg. Any self talk you had to drop because it wasn’t serving you?

  1. Write out what you dropped out of your life that you DON’T WANT TO PICK UP AGAIN?
  2. What new habits did you start?
  3. What are you most proud of this year?
  4. How did your relationships evolve?
  5. What will you do differently next year?
  6. Who or what had the biggest impact in your life this year?
  7. What were the most useful resources you had?


Once you are through these, you are ready to setup your goals for 2021.



2. Join THE 6 WEEK GOAL CHALLENGE starting in Jan, 2021 -  if you dare to step up and set some kickarse goals with other like minded people wanting to make the most of 2021.


Goal Kicking Wishes to you!

Xx Ange

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