Are you frustrated that you set goals and can’t keep them? Do you feel overwhelmed with so much to do and you don’t know where to start first?

Did you know only 8% of people keep their New Years Resolution, let alone their goals?! So are you one of the 8% or the 92% that don’t and need help to reach the things you really want in life? Sometimes people just need to learn a way that works for them to set and keep track of what they are goaling for.

The good news is, My Goal Squad makes it really clear and simple. We give you the how to in a fun, engaging way that you never got at school, uni or work.

We have found that while people can set goals, there are some other crucial elements that will empower them to keep them, continue to take action then see cool kick arse results in time to come.

Here’s the juicy elements you need to know for your goal setting so it’s effective (and your goals reach 100%!) And if you get stuck!? Or have any questions: reach out to us on @mygoalsquad or drop us an email 


#1          Accountability

If you are externally driven, you are best to go grab yourself an accountability partner. This can be a goal coach (hello?!), a mentor, a friend who is supportive and positive with time and commitment to check in on you. When someone asks how you are going on something, we always want to be able to tell them some positive news and results or action.

Sometimes it’s just a check in weekly of someone asking how you are going on one of your specific goals is all it takes, other weeks you might need to work through challenges that have come up with someone. We do this in our 1:1 coaching and it’s what keeps clients on track. We work through the tough stuff to move onto the goal kicking stuff!


#2          Use positive effective language

  1. a) Write your goals in positive language. I am or I have. We don’t use ‘I will’ because when that is said your mind thinks of it in the future. So you can continuously say it and it’s not a true commitment to your brain that you are doing it.
  2. b) Refrain from using the word ‘Try’. This isn’t a commitment in your brain, it allows an excuse of getting out of something. As Yoda, Jedi Master said in Star Wars, “Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try”.


#3          Know your why

If your why isn’t strong enough for a goal you set, you aren’t going to get up at 4am to do that training run for the marathon you set as a goal. You won’t stay up finishing that assignment to become a Physio, because your intrinsic value isn’t strong enough. Your ‘why’ is going to determine whether you achieve something or not. Choose goals with strong ‘Why’s’.

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