Top 3 powerful tips to keeping on track with your goals

A study by the Dominican University, showed that people who merely thought about their goals and how to reach them succeeded less than 50% of the time, while people who wrote goals down, and enlisted friends to help them by sending regular progress reports succeeded closer to 75% of the time.


So you might be able to guess what Tip 1. might be?


TIP 1. Grab a friend!

Now choose a good one, because they will keep you accountable and check in on your goals. We call them your ‘Accountability Coach’. In return, you can also be theirs. When was the last time you said you would hit the gym…then found a great ‘reason’ aka excuse not to go? If you had a friend that checked in with you on whether you were going, or heck! An upgrade on that, your friend turned up at your house to go with you, would you have gone then?

Of course! It’s so much easier to do things when people check in on us, as naturally as humans we want to say ‘yes’ to people.

Every Sunday afternoon is when we suggest for you to check in with each other on how your progress went against your weekly goals you set. Sundays are a time when you are closing out the last week and prepping for one hell’uva week the next week. Which leads us on to step 2. 


TIP 2. Weekly Goals.

Every Sunday write down your goals for the week. Then put them…. WHERE???? We will get to this in TIP 3. You should have at least 5 goals. If you have done the 6 Week Goal Kicker Program, you would have seen how these come from your 1 year goals, then you break them into monthly goals, then it’s easy to create your weekly goals. If not, identify 5 main goals for your next 12 months, and choose 5 things you can do each week towards these goals.

These weekly goals are not your shopping list or anything you would do anyway. Showering is not a goal…it’s highly recommended to do that every day, and as often through the day as your smell signals you need.


TIP 3. You put your goals where???!!!

Writing your goals up somewhere where you look at them every day, will increase the chances of you taking action on them, thinking about them and planting them in your subconscious. Any that will seem challenging may just find their way to a solution while they sit your subconscious through the week. Before you know it, you have just the answer you need! Here are some sneaky places to put your weekly goals so you just can’t help but see them day in day out.

  • Write them in the Notes section of your phone. Screen shot it and save it as your ‘Lock Screen’
  • Write them in Chalk Pen (you can buy all sorts of colours at Officeworks) on your bathroom mirror and it comes off. Don’t worry, you can update it with the next week’s goals!
  • Write them in a Calendar reminder and set them so they alert you at a time every day for the week, when you think you will be able to take action on them.


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