Your Archetype is

Your Archetype is "The Goal Kicker!"

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You have the perfect mindset, positive energy to become UNSTOPPABLE!

You, being internally motivated is a superpower! Whatever you set your mind and energy to, you can achieve!

Perhaps you find that work is successful, and you spend a LOT of your time, energy, thoughts on that and so your goalsetting and kicking there is outstanding. What if you started setting some personal goals? Could that help balance life out a little more if you have goals to spend valuable time with the family, or on a hobby that’s important to you or on your own health and exercise?

You might be feeling like you want more in life and you don’t yet know how to get it.

You may also set goals for work but not personally. 

Personal goals can be scary as there’s sometimes a fear there isn’t enough time when work and life is big OR we forget about personal goals when work is the priority.



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