Your Archetype is "The Goal Setter!"

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You may have set some goals in life before, possibly not been able to stick to them?

You know through experience that motivation that can come from setting and working on your goals or you’ve seen others be rewarded with this feeling right?

Things might be a little out of control? Good news is! Goal setting is a powerful tool to help you find: control and create cool, calm and collected results that create positive results in your life! Woooo!

You might find some areas in life you are internally motivated, others you need a little help from others. That’s natural, as we aren’t all competent and have deep motivation in all areas to drive ourselves. So it’s great to get external support particularly for those areas we are EXTERNALLY driven.

AWESOME WORK! You are totally on the right track! You have the right mindset and now it’s time as Brian Tracy would say ‘Sharpen the saw’. This is fine tuning it even more to get better results, getting super clear on your goals, setting a strong gameplan to support those goals of yours and taking big action.

What we know is successful people don’t do it solo. What are your next steps to growing into the next level of person you need to become to get the results you want?  



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Ange Ritchie 

Head Coach & Founder of My Goal Squad